Random Tidbits: FreeRunner Rooftop Escape

We hit up Kalen Banks, the developer of our new favorite game FreeRunner: Rooftop Escape. Get to know him and see what he had to say about breaking into the app world and future plans for his tech takeover...

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What made you want to get into the tech world?

Almost every idea that has crossed my mind over the years, requires some type of technology. With all the computer programs available today, I’ve been able to bring many of those ideas to life. I started editing home videos at 11 years old. When I realized my videos could use some sound effects and music, I setup my own recording studio. Pretty much anything that could be accomplished with a computer, I was all over it. It’s a never ending cycle. One idea leads to another and I ended up involved in game design.

What inspired FreeRunner? Where did the concept come from?

I’ve never really been a “gamer” when it comes to console games, but with mobile games “ain’t nobody seeing me”. I love mobile games, it makes me feel like I have a Gameboy again. Something that you don’t see in movies very often are quality parkour stunts. From the day I saw the foreign film District B13, I’ve had a fascination with freerunning.

The concept came from an old school type game.  If you notice when you play FreeRunner you feel like you’re playing a game from the 90s.  It also reminds me of a mixture between Super Mario Brothers and Flappy Birds

From start to finish, how long did it take you to launch?

We started around April of 2016 and finished on February 13th 2017.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

It’s simple. I took a “less is more” approach to this project and I love it that way. Also, collecting energy drinks to stay hydrated gives the game that edge that I didn’t have when I first came up with the idea. Definitely my favorite addition to the original.

How are you looking to expand FreeRunner? Do you have plans for more games in the future?

My brother, Gelani, and I are currently working on the marketing for this game.  He is more business savvy when it comes to that so I pretty much give him free rein.  We just attended a gaming conference in Norfolk, VA called PixelFest.  It was a great experience and opportunity to network, market, and even come up with new ideas.  I definitely have other games planned for the future and also plan to expand this company to other locations across the country.

For those looking to get into developing an app themselves, what advice can you give?

No matter how great it is, not everyone will love your product. Don’t let that discourage you. Find out who your audience is and start from there. Use the tools in front of you: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Create a “cult following” and you will be successful.

No matter how great it is, not everyone will love your product. Don’t let that discourage you.
— Kalen Banks, FreeRunner: Rooftop Escape


Ketchup or Mustard?

Barbecue Sauce.

Favorite TV Series right now...

The Walking Dead; Shark Tank; Jessica Jones.

Crushing on...

Rihanna via her Instagram

Rihanna via her Instagram

Rihanna, duhhh.


When no one is around, what are you listening to?


Future - HNDRXX

Future - HNDRXX

Where can our readers find you?

@freerunnerofficial on Instagram.

FreeRunner: Rooftop Escape is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

Thank us later.