#BlissfullyBoone: The Big Day

“...by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.”
― John Keats

Blissfully Boon Invitation.png

The Venue

Manhattan is everything that I aspire to be - elegant and sophisticated with an old world charm yet modern and in-the-know, statement making without having to say much, inviting in the midst of all the chaos, and classically beautiful despite its jagged edges. I'm slightly biased because it's where I was born, but I knew that my favorite city in the world would provide the perfect backdrop for our big day. It took Imani and I about half a second to decide that Studio 450 was the perfect space for us.

It doesn't really get any more "blank canvas" than this place and let me tell you, walking into it is dramaaaa. The entrance comes off sketchy for an event space and the freight-style elevator completely adds to the sketch factor and that's what makes stepping into the space even better! It is white from literally floor to ceiling and the 360 views are jaw-dropping. Ya'll know TPG loves some natural light so you won't be shocked that was my favorite aspect - combined with the white, it was perfection. Having a great party space and being able to give our out-of-town guests a real view of New York City was very important to me and Imani, so we really appreciated the second-level atrium and outdoor terrace space. By having the ceremony on the terrace, cocktail hour in the atrium, and the reception on the main floor, we were able to achieve the feel of 3 venues in one.

The Decor

Our goal was for the backdrop of the city to shine and we aimed to keep the overall glance of the space seamless.  

Ceremony Area on the Studio 450 Terrace with view of the Empire State Building

Ceremony Area on the Studio 450 Terrace with view of the Empire State Building

Ceremony Pedestal.jpg
Ceremony Chair.jpg
Ceremony Chair Close.jpg

Studio 450 has its own fabulous topiaries and potted bushes on the terrace, so we knew that we would not have to do much to elevate the area. Our favorite florist, Ruth Allen, added STUNNING pillar arrangements to the focal point and hung these beautiful pail arrangements from every other seat along the aisle just to round out the look and set the scene.

Table Pan.jpg
Table Pan 2.jpg

When it came to the main level where the reception was hosted, to keep with the venue's open aesthetic, we decided on all white linens. We felt that it would allow for the greenery on the tables to seem like they were almost floating in negative space. We kept the tablescape low to accommodate the family style seating and so that the views were not obstructed by décor.

Table Far.jpg
Table Close Up.jpg
Escort cards and signage by Blue Mae Events

Escort cards and signage by Blue Mae Events

The large pedestal arrangements from the ceremony were brought down and added grandness to the bar. Easy peasy.


The Wedding Party

We figured while planning for a July event, that our guests would provide a lot of color in the room so when it came to our wedding party, Imani and I wanted impact in the opposite way. I've always loved the idea of black bridesmaid gowns and I told my girls to go ahead and choose their own. Imani did the same with his groomsmen; they stuck with classic black and white tuxedos in their preferred fit and accessorized to their personal styles.



3 Bridesmaids.jpg
Ring "bouquet" by Ray of Heights Florist, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Ring "bouquet" by Ray of Heights Florist, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Olive leaf boutonniere by Heights Florist

Olive leaf boutonniere by Heights Florist

Imani and Hassan.jpg

The Get Down

Because it was our anniversary, we did not want to overload the reception with super traditional wedding "tings". We were lucky enough that the majority of our guests were already familiar with each other so we took advantage of that by allowing everyone to choose their own seat. Imani and I also really wanted to make sure that our guests felt fed. Neuman's Kitchen provided a BOMB cocktail hour and station style dinner menu that we were 100% thrilled with.

Neumans 1.jpg
Neumans 2.jpg
Neumans 3.jpg

With a Igbo Nigerian father, there was no way that we were going to get away from doing a traditional Money Sprinkle...not that I would ever want to.

Money Dance 1.jpg
Money Dance 2.jpg
During the first dance, and the general opening of the dance floor, relatives and well wishers will take turns approaching the bride and groom, (and sometimes their mothers) and spray them with small denominations of bills and notes as they dance. The practice has become widespread across the country, but is most common among the Yoruba and Igbo, both in Nigeria and within their immigrant communities around the world.
Money Dance 3.jpg
Money Dance 4.jpg

...and of course, it all ended with us dancing the night away.

Party 1.jpg
Party 2.jpg

It is hard to sum up what the entire day meant to us in just one blog post, but I think that I can speak for both Imani and I and say that we would do it all over again if we could. Nothing is perfect, but the love that filled the entire room made our big day come pretty close to it.

Thank you to everyone for all of the well wishes.




Photography by Jamal Momon & Geoffrey Marshall, Momon Photo & Print