The Pop Guide: DONNA

In event planning, we're always on the hunt for venues and interesting spaces and we often run into some super cool corners that are perfect just for the sake of being there. So we've decided that we're going to start sharing with you all because...why not?

First up:


DONNA Header img.png

We're pretty much at that stage in life where every time a hang out sess with friends in order, there's some major catching up to do, but we also want that same high energy that's worth leaving the house for. A Saturday night at this place is a great situation.

Image courtesy of Donna

Image courtesy of Donna

What we love about this place?

  • THE LAYOUT AND DESIGN: Warm, welcoming, and you can see everything from where ever you're stationed. The island seating is a fun aspect too.

  • THE MENU: Tacos (yum), options for everyone, seasonal changes to keep it fresh, and nice for a light meal to keep you afloat. Nothing groundbreaking, but it gets the job done and doesn't disappoint.

  • THE COCKTAILS: The shining stars of this spot - well thought out, fun and unexpected combos (yes, frozen too), but great classics as well. Bonus points for the awesome glassware and inclusion of intentional mocktails!

  • THE HAPPY HOUR: Nuff said.

  • THE SERVICE: They get it. You work somewhere? Know the menu. Even better, they're quick and attentive.

  • THE VIBE: Friendly crowd and music for everyone.

Image courtesy of Donna

Image courtesy of Donna

What might not work for you?

  • THE CROWD: Not even going to lie, it "gets bizzy" here, the room can get packed and understandably so. The good news is that the hosts and management keep things rolling so that if you don't want to stand for too long, they'll make it happen for you to get seated.
Image courtesy of Donna

Image courtesy of Donna

We're slamming the gavel down on the fact that if you're looking for somewhere that balances the chaos of a night out in NYC with chill, definitely add this to your list. Whether you want to just pop in because you're in the area or want to set up definite plans with a'll be pleased.

Pro Tip: Uber drivers can't find it for squat, so tell them its on the corner of Broadway and Dunham.

Thank us later!